How Petworld Started

If you’re a pet owner who lives in the Goodwood or Somerset West area then it’s likely that you’re already well acquainted with that big red arch and the shiny white tiled floors that seem to go on furever, stocked with over 15 000 pet products. When Guy and Nadine first opened the massive 1160 m2 store they gifted Cape Town with the largest all-in-one pet, vet, and grooming store, and thanks to the pawsome success of the first branch, they surpassed their own record when they opened the Somerset West branch in 2016 – all 1600 m2 of it. 

But apart from the friendly staff, the partnership with local animal shelters, and the massive variety of products, what do you know of the beginnings of PETWORLD? Did you know that this all came to fruition thanks to a random encounter with a lone pink galah (aka rose-breasted cockatoo)? The Belgian married couple had been enjoying a life of relaxation in the picturesque town of Hout Bay, but little did they know that a little birdie was about to pull them out of retirement. 

The cockatoo landed in their garden one morning in late 2012, narrowly escaping a fate as a dog treat, when Nadine persuaded the feathery beauty to climb up her arm. In the hopes of reuniting this tame exotic bird with his owner they visited every vet practice in the Hout Bay area, leaving contact numbers in case anyone reported him missing, but no call ever came through. So they did what any animal-lover would do: they adopted him into their family… and named him Jacques. 

The task of finding a big bird cage for Jacques turned out to be a ruffer venture than they anticipated when they had to travel over 40 km to find a suitable cage. The realisation of this struggle is what got the idea of PETWORLD swimming around in their minds. 

The couple had always been passionate about animals, and over the years they had noticed that the majority of South Africans felt that same deep love and adoration for their pets as they do. Having been involved in the retail business for their entire professional lives (over 50 years of combined experience), and after finding a gap in the market in terms of a one-stop-shop concept, their shared dream started to grow wings itself. They spent a full year developing the concept and the oppurrtunity, exploring the market in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Holland, and South Africa before finally securing the first premises in the N1 Value Centre. The rest, as they say, is history! 

Although Jacques passed away a couple of years ago, Guy and Nadine’s passion for pets and retail never left; and their pet, vet, and grooming business is thriving like never before, all thanks to that little bird that flew into their lives a few years ago. 

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