The Dog’s Bollocks – 5 Record-Worthy Canines

Man’s best friend comes in all shapes and sizes, and while we totally agree that every pupper is special and impawtent in his or her own right (or simply just for being a good boy/girl), these incredible pooches absolutely deserve their spots on the Guinness World Records list.

The Tallest

The tallest dog to ever have lived, Zeus, certainly put the Great in Great Dane! When measured in 2011 at the age of three, he came up to 1.118 m (dogs are measured when on all fours, from paws to withers/ridge between shoulder blades) – to put that in pawspective, that’s the size of an average donkey! When standing on his hind legs, Zeus stood 2.235 m tall. Sadly, the gentle giant passed away two months before his sixth birthday. 

The Shortest - Height

Everyone loves a good underdog story, so there’s no way we could overlook Milly the Chihuahua, the world’s shortest living dog. When measured at the age of two in 2013, the petite Miracle Milly (yes, that’s her full name) measured up to an itsy bitsy 9.65 cm from paws to withers, and weighed only about half a kilogram. 

The Shortest - Length

The esteemed title of shortest pup in terms of length belongs to the impawssibly tiny Chihuahua, Brandy (full name: Heaven Sent Brandy). From her nose to the tip of her little tail, Brandy measures in at just 15.2 cm – that’s only about half a ruler in length! 

The Longest Tail

Here’s a dog who may, quite literally, get caught with his tail between his legs, but that’s only because his tail is 76.8 cm long (measured from top of the bone to the tip, not including the fur)! Keon the Irish Wolfhound earned his title in 2015 and has been wagging his tail—which is more like a fluffy wrecking ball—ever since. 

The Longest Ears

Tigger the Bloodhound passed away quite some time ago in 2009, but he left behind an incredible legacy thanks to his lengthy lobes: lefty measured to 34.2 cm while righty was a bit longer at 34.9 cm. With over 180 ‘Best of Breed’ awards and an induction into the ‘Bloodhound Hall of Fame’ in 2003, Tigger may be gone, but he certainly isn’t furgotten

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